Foodie Friday: Short Eats

Foodie Friday: Short Eats

Man, I could really go for some short eats right now.  This whole working full-time, getting settled in a new apartment thing is the perfect recipe to create a craving for some delicious little roadside snacks.  Sri Lanka has got that department covered.  And they have a great name for it.  Short eats.  There are even little stands that have signs ‘Short Eats’ outside.  Amazing.

As we were taking buses and tuk tuks all over the place in Sri Lanka, we found ourselves grabbing whatever was quickly available either on the side of the road or walking through the bus or the train.  There is no shortage of short eats in Sri Lanka (haaaaa).  You can usually choose from: vegetable or meat roti, spicy fried lentil patties, spicy donuts, little oranges, other spicy looking fried things, samosas, string hoppers and then sometimes there is even a guy selling little ice cream cones for about $0.20.

My favorites were the roti, spicy fried lentil patties and the spicy donuts.  So good. The other great thing about short eats is their packaging: usually wrapped in some sort of English-language educational workbook papers or old accounting papers.  Who knows man, but those papers seem to do a good job absorbing the grease.  Disclaimer: this photos are from the iPod, so apologies for the quality. Also, I took most of the pictures on my lap, while riding around in a tuk tuk….


Rotis for lunch!

Rotis for lunch!

We had a lot of rotis – usually veggie, with a nice curry flavor, sometimes hot but usually just room temp, which is still rather warm in Sri Lanka.  I liked the rotis better than samosas because the dough is chewier and its only pan fried, not deep fried, which seems to travel better. Sometimes though, especially on the coast, our veg rotis would have fish in them.  I’m not really down with fish curry that has been sitting on the shelf for a few hours… or days.  But, to each his own.

The lentils and spicy donuts were pretty good as well, usually deceivingly spicy.  Start out as flavorful, ends as whoa that’s spicy!  mmmmmm.  Funny thing about the donuts, inside are entire bay leaves and big pieces of peppers, works for me, but its a bit of a surprise at first.


Spicy fried lentil patties! And, homework!


I’m sure there are sweet short eats, but I don’t think we had any.  Spice is the way to go in Sri Lanka!

Now, where can I get a savory donut filled with chili peppers for a quarter in DC?