Top 10s: Off the Beaten Path

Top 10s: Off the Beaten Path

While on our trip some, of the coolest places we encountered were those that were not common tourist destinations. Let me caveat this. We visited Rome in Italy, saw the gorillas in Uganda and did a ton of other “toursity” things. There is a reason people do these things, because they are AMAZING. All those douche purist backpackers can fuck off. If I had a dollar for every time I heard a dirty backpacker claim that they were “there before it got popular,” I would be a thousandaire. Sorry for the rant. Anyways, you should visit some of these places because they are pretty special.

10. Maria Island, Tazmania, OZ: This place has made both top 10’s, its ridiculously stunning and has so many iconic OZ wildlife. It’s really remote, you have to take a ferry to get there.

9. Durmitor N.P, Montenegro: Monte what???? Yes, it is a country in the Balkans that no one really visits, except Russians on the coast. Don’t go there, head two hours inland to Durmitor and you will have miles of hiking trails to yourself.

8. Trindade, Brazil: Another top 10 notch for this cool surfing town outside of Rio. Beaches, rain forests, rivers and a rad yoga hostel.

7. Wanaka, New Zealand: Most people spend the majority of their time in Queenstown, which is also nice but mush more populated and expensive. Head to this little gem on the lake that serves as a gateway to Mount Aspiring NP.

6. Ljubljana, Slovenia: I can’t pronounce it but it is my favorite capitol in all of Europe. Yes, better than Paris, London, Rome, Athens, etc. It’s small, bike friendly and has free city tours.

5. Pucon, Chile: This was my first stop on the world tour and one of my favorites. There is a perfectly shaped volcano that looks down on the city that hosts vast hiking, biking and rafting opportunities.

4. Korcula, Croatia: Marco Polo might have been from there, or lived there, or sailed by?? Who really cares, it is a beautiful fort city that is a must see if you are sailing in the Adriatic.

3. Bukit Lawang, Indonesia: Rock and Roll, clove cigarettes and forward-leaning political attitudes right in the middle of North Sumatra? Believe it. In this jungle oasis you have to do a rainforest hike to see the orangutans and be there on a Saturday night for the concert! This place is truly badass!!! Rock on!!!

2. El Bolson, Argentina: Nestled between two mountain ranges in Argentinian Patagonia, this place couldn’t be more picturesque. Their craft beer is a great relief from 3 dollar bottles of Malbec and Budweiser-esque Quilmes. I challenge you to find a river more photogenic than the Rio Azul.

1. Bovec, Slovenia: *&^% SLOVENIA!!!! Everyone needs to go, now! Drop whatever you are doing and head to this fairytale land. Nestled in the Julian Alps, this little village is perfectly situated to give you access to the river Soca (the only river I have seen that rivals Rio Azul) and the Julians.