Wildlife Wednesday: Elephants!

Wildlife Wednesday: Elephants!

We’re really dragging out these Wildlife Wednesdays, thanks to amazing National Parks in Sri Lanka.

Today, I bring you elephants.  Asian elephants, that is. Yes, we’ve seen both varieties of elephants already but elephants are awesome and the elephants in every country deserve their own post.  Also, this was actually the first time that we saw Asian elephants in the wild.  The ones we saw in Nepal and Laos were not so wild, but hopefully happy and safe.

Throughout our game drive we saw a number of small herds (5-10 elephants) and a couple males roaming about.  My favorite siting was of this male taking a bath.  He was a riot, just rolling around in the pond, enjoying his day. I couldn’t get a good video, but I did make this:

Here are a few more pictures – he went for a snack after his bath time – all that rolling around and trunk-snorkeling makes you hungry, I suppose!


IMG_0483 IMG_0477

We were lucky enough to see some adorable young elephants as well:

IMG_0170 IMG_0493


Yala National Park turned out to be a great place for elephant sitings!  And a great place for seeing one of the most elusive big cats… more on that next week!

If this post has left you wondering ‘Where else did they see elephants in the wild?’ Check out this, this, this, this, and this.  Whew.  That’s a lot of elephants.